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The Housewife

Many women wake up around 4:30 or so, sholat, and then begin their daily chores. They may go the market or to a small shop along the road to buy their daily ingredients. Many do not own fridges, and most cook and buy just enough food for one day.  Back at home, they will wash their laundry (most by hand, a few have machines) and then hang it out to dry. Later all the clothes are folded and ironed. They will also sweep and often mop their home, and prepare the rice and meals for the day, all with several children running around (and usually one slung on their side).
The most common way to prepare food is to make a large amount in the morning divided into plates (for example, a plate of fish, a plate of water spinach, a plate of tempe, etc.) and then eat from those throughout the day. Meals are generally prepared in a wok. Usually fresh spices (such as shallots, garlic, chile peppers, cardamom, salt,...) are ground into a paste by using a large rock ground against a flat rock. The paste is then sautéed in the wok with oil. Next the protein is added. If it is meat, it is often covered in coconut milk and boiled until tender. If there is no meat, the protein and or vegetables are sautéed or boiled until cooked through. All this is ALWAYS served over rice. Yum!
Often while tending to the household chores, the ladies will sell items from their home, take a siesta, or stop by and visit other mothers for a bit. Sometimes they will drop off and pick up their children from school as well. All in all this life keeps a mother quite busy.